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The difference between air filter and air conditioner filter

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-08-25

Both the air filter element and the air conditioning filter element are two very important parts in the car, but many friends tend to confuse the two. Although both are used to filter the air, there are obvious differences.
Air filter literally means to filter the air. This filter is the air that enters the car engine to prevent the dust in the air from causing engine blockage or damage.
The cooling of the car air conditioner is from the outside air through the air conditioner filter (filter element) and the evaporator box into the car interior, so the factors that affect the air quality in the car include the quality of the air outside the car itself, the air conditioner filter element and the evaporator box.

1. Isolate dust, pollen, abrasive particles and other solid impurities in the air.
2. Adsorb air, moisture, soot, ozone, odor, carbon oxides, SO2, CO2, etc.
3. Prevent windshield car glass from being covered with water vapor, so that drivers and passengers can see clearly and ensure driving safety.
4. It can provide fresh air to the driver's room and prevent the driver and passengers from inhaling harmful gases.
For many novice friends, these two things may sound little different, but in fact the function and shape are quite different. If you use it wrongly, it will not only not guarantee the filtering effect, but also cause damage to the car, so I hope Everyone can pay attention.