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What are the benefits of the CN95 cabin air filter launched by Xinxiang Cuiyuan for car owners?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-07-02

The battle against the epidemic has ushered in a critical period. Ordinary people start from themselves and contribute their own strength to this "epidemic" battle. Then both companies and individuals have made their own efforts and contributions to deal with the epidemic. For example, Xinxiang City Cui Yuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd., during the epidemic, they actively developed a filter that can filter large-diameter solid particles, providing more protection for drivers and drivers during driving. Next, let’s take a look at the introduction of the editor:

Since the air contains a lot of dust and impurities, the engine needs to install a filter element at the inlet of the air intake, which is what we often call the air filter element (referred to as air filter). In short, for cars, the air filter It is equivalent to the masks we wear. If the material is too thin, the dust filter is not thorough enough; if the material is too thick, it will affect normal breathing.
The difference of different levels of air filter will also have different effects on the vehicle. In general, a good air filter must not only ensure good filterability, but also take into account sufficient air intake.
Xinxiang Cuiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has developed a car-grade "CN95" composite air-conditioning filter element that has been officially certified by China Automotive Research Institute. This filter element can filter most of the large particles and has stronger protection capabilities. safe riding environment.
Now is still a critical period to deal with the epidemic, everyone must not relax their vigilance, do not gather, wear a mask, do a good job of disinfection, and replace the car-grade CN95 air-conditioning filter for your car in advance.