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Our CN95 cabin air filter brings you more protection

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-06-30

The global epidemic continues to spread and spread, the virus has been refusing to retreat for a long time, and the vaccine has not been available for a long time. For many friends who need to go out frequently or even on business trips, it seems that there may be a risk of infection when driving—after all, the car The air inside is also exchanged with the outside world through the air conditioner filter, and if the air conditioner filter cannot effectively filter viruses, there may be a risk of infection.
Therefore, under such circumstances, we have been carrying out research and development, production, publicity and replacement of CN95 air conditioning filter elements.

In the process of airflow interaction between the air inside the vehicle and the outside air, the CN95 air conditioning filter uses multiple filter materials, which have a good filtering effect on bacteria, dust, viruses and pollen.
The CN95 air conditioner filter element we produce strictly complies with the industry filtration standard, and has obtained the "CATARCCN95" certification mark issued by China Automobile Research Institute.
Friends, the emergency alert has not been lifted. At this time, everyone should not relax their vigilance. You should replace yourself with a CN95 air-conditioning filter element, and do a good job in all aspects of protection during travel, and bring peace of mind to your family and others.