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What is the processing sequence of dacromet coated metal?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-25

Dacromet coating is a new type of metal anti-corrosion coating process popular in the market. It is mainly used in industrial processing fields such as automobiles and aviation. So for this new processing technology, do you know its processing sequence? Next, let's take a look at theXinxiang DacrometManufacturer's introduction:
1. Treat the pre-coated metal workpiece. Before applying Dacromet to the product, it is necessary to clean up the possible dirt and dust on the surface of the workpiece. Otherwise, the processing quality of Dacromet will be greatly affected, for example The coating surface is not smooth enough or the coating effect is not ideal, etc. After the product pretreatment is completed, if the product is qualified, the next coating treatment can be carried out.

2. Coating and baking operations. These two processes are carried out alternately, and the coating needs to be baked once after each coating is completed. Generally speaking, coating and baking are done twice.
3. In addition, after the metal workpiece is processed by Dacromet, the coating effect should be carefully confirmed to ensure the quality.
The above is the basic process of metal coating shared by the manufacturer of Dacromet in Xinxiang. I hope that through this introduction, everyone will have a certain understanding of Dacromet in Henan. Dacromet can maintain a relatively new appearance for a long time after coating, Therefore, it is very popular. If you have any other questions, please contact our manufacturer.