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Introduction to the production materials and filtration requirements of CN95 cabin air filter

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-27

Although the epidemic is gradually passing away, many foreign countries have ushered in the peak outbreak period of the epidemic, so this time is a critical time to do a good job in the spread and prevention of imported cases of the domestic epidemic. The May Day holiday is coming soon, which means a lot People may have to travel by car, so install high-levelCN95 Cabin FilterIt is very important. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of production materials and filtration requirements:
1. The production materials of car-grade air-conditioning filters
In the production of new filter elements, our company adopts new filter element materials with smaller pore diameters such as activated carbon, multi-layer non-woven fabrics, and multi-layer composite media.

2. Filtration requirements for vehicle-grade air-conditioning filters
1. To meet the dust filtration requirements of the air conditioning system filter standard in the automotive industry.
2. Under the air volume of 300m³\/h, the filtration efficiency of particles with a diameter of 0.3µm can reach more than 95%;
3. When the pressure drop rises by 200Pa, the ash storage capacity of the air filter is less than 8g.
When the filter element meets the above three conditions, it is a safety filter element that can play a certain role in prevention and control, and the filtering effect on the droplets adsorbed by the new coronavirus can reassure the car owner.