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Why is it more worth choosing the CN95 cabin filter?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-20

The car air conditioner filter is a filtering device that will be installed on most cars. We know that the general air conditioner filter element is used to filter harmful substances in the air, and it is a large particle of harmful substances. During the epidemic, harmful substances containing new coronavirus aerosols The particle diameter is small, and the traditional air-conditioning filter element can no longer meet the current car owners' pursuit of air safety in the car, and there is also a risk of virus transmission and infection in private cars.

On the other hand, public transportation such as buses and subways also has certain risks. It is more reassuring to drive a private car to commute, but in this case, it is natural to increase the filter level and safety factor in the private car.
In the current epidemic prevention and control period, the CN95 cabin filter adopts a more multi-layer filter structure, and at the same time, it can achieve a higher filter effect after being certified by relevant agencies, and it also has a certain filter effect on viruses, so it is naturally a higher filter than ordinary filters. Cabin filters are more worthy of choice for car filter accessories.