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Back to school is coming, have you replaced your CN95 air conditioner filter?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-13

In the past 2 months, a very serious new crown pneumonia infection has occurred in our country, and the spread of the epidemic is very fast. In order to prevent the spread and deterioration of the epidemic, we have adopted isolation and wearing masks, upgraded the car air conditioning filter, and adopted CN95 Level air conditioning filter and other preventive measures, after a period of publicity, everyone also understands and understands the importance of these protective products.

But looking at other countries in the world, due to various factors such as cultural differences, it is very common for some countries in Europe and the United States to not wear masks, so their virus spreads faster, and the infection situation is worse than ours. On the one hand, the virus Infection, overseas students returning to China have brought new imported cases; on the other hand, various provinces and cities in China have lifted the ban, and resumption of work and school activities are in full swing. Therefore, we should not relax our vigilance in the current situation.
Some people may be able to understand the importance of wearing a mask, but they still have concerns about replacing the CN95 cabin filter. Here, the technicians of Cuiyuan Auto Parts told the editor: CN95 cabin filter can effectively filter out the pollutants in the air Harmful particles have a good preventive effect on sources of infection in the form of virus aerosols, and purify the air in our cars.
The haze of the virus will not dissipate easily, and there is a possibility of a comeback at any time. Therefore, from the perspective of safety precautions, the above-mentioned safety measures should really be taken by everyone.