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Replacing the cn95 certified air conditioning filter is worth your consideration

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-30

The global outbreak of new crown pneumonia has caused many people to worry about their travel safety. Public transportation is obviously more dangerous. Therefore, among the current travel methods, people prefer to choose private cars to travel, which can not only stay away from dense crowds, but also improve Whether aerosol transmission will enter the car through the car air conditioner has become a doubt for many people.
In this context, it is obviously worth your consideration to choose to replace the air conditioner filter element certified by cn95.

Through professional testing, it grades the filtering effect of dust particles and other particles on the air filter waiting for certification, and through the certification mark, it helps consumers understand the filtration level of the purchased product.
For the filtering effect of cn95 or higher level air filter in the car, we can clearly understand through the introduction of the technical personnel of Cuiyuan auto parts manufacturer: cn95 certification is an evaluation of the filtration efficiency of the car air conditioning filter, and this part represents It is a certified car air-conditioning filter element that has the protective effect of virus gas. And upgrading the filtration level is also very in line with the current special public opinion of the new crown pneumonia.
In addition, developing good hygiene and usage habits, such as rational use of air-conditioning filters, timely cleaning, washing hands regularly, and not staying in groups, etc. will help us prevent viruses and protect our own health and safety.