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CN95 qualification certification provides reference value for interior protection

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-25

With the efforts of the people for nearly two months, the domestic new crown epidemic has begun to be gradually brought under control. Through this epidemic, everyone has begun to pay more attention to the importance of safety precautions and public health precautions.
As one of the commuting tools for many people, the car is an indispensable means of transportation for everyone to travel. How to ensure the air quality in the car? The domestic automobile certification body - Watson & Band Certification has launched the "CN95" certification standard for cars. Indoor air quality provides a certain reference standard.

The filtration level corresponding to the CN95 level is for particles with an aerodynamic diameter of 0.3 microns (A2 ash used in the test) with a filtration efficiency greater than 95 percent. In addition, there are corresponding filtration efficiency requirements for particle sizes of 2.5 microns and 10 microns.
Cuiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has also recently passed the CN95 qualification certification. Passing such certification not only provides consumers with more peace of mind and multi-effect protection, but also actively encourages its own development. Let us work together to protect against the new crown Come on pneumonia.