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What is the significance of CN95 air conditioning filter certification in the current period?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-24

The new crown virus epidemic has become a hot word at the beginning of 2020. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our daily life has undergone very obvious changes. The most obvious change is that we all wear medical masks when we go out. For a time, masks It has become a necessary and very scarce living material for everyone. So for friends who drive, in addition to wearing a mask when driving, it is naturally one of the very important means of protection to pass the CN95 air conditioning filter certification with a higher protection level. Then the CN95 air conditioner What is the significance of filter element certification? Next, we will ask Cuiyuan Auto Parts Manufacturer to introduce to you:

Under the current epidemic situation, the contact environment and safety related to users have attracted people's attention. However, the high-frequency word "aerosol transmission" that appears in the epidemic situation is another virus that is different from the traditional droplet transmission The form of transmission. It forms a sol with solid, liquid and gas as the dispersion medium, which has a wide transmission distance and harmfulness. In fact, the gas cycle of the car is completed by the car air conditioning filter element, and now it is the period of high incidence of epidemic transmission , Once the car air conditioning filter cannot filter the aerosols carrying virus particles, it may cause infection to the people in the car.
However, traditional air conditioner filter elements cannot effectively protect and filter the above situations. However, the currently hotly debated CN95 air conditioner certification filter element has higher and better protection effects, so the natural significance is extraordinary.
Therefore, Cuiyuan recommends that all car owners wear protective masks when traveling, and on the other hand, replace the air conditioner filter element with a filter level above 95% as soon as possible, that is, the car air conditioner filter element certified by CN95.
The epidemic is not over yet, and the haze of the new crown virus has not dissipated. As more overseas students and overseas Chinese return to China, some infected people may be brought. Therefore, we must not relax, take good care of ourselves, and wait for the real victory.