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What does CN95 certification mean to car companies and consumers?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-18

The good news came 2 days ago - the car-grade air-conditioning filter produced by Cuiyuan Auto Parts passed the CN95 qualification certification. When the current epidemic situation is still likely to spread, the rapid action of the car company not only impresses the editor, but also It is also a good help for most consumers. Let's briefly talk about what CN95 certification means for car companies and consumers.

First, for consumers, the CN95-certified air-conditioning filter element means that it can better protect against the possible in-vehicle infection caused by the new crown virus. The standard particle filtration range of my country's auto industry is between 0.3-10 μm. The new crown virus that everyone is concerned about The transmission route of the virus - the virus-carrying droplets exhaled by the human body can be as small as about 0.74 μm, so a higher level of CN95 certification is required to provide better protection and ensure the safety of people in the car.
2. As far as car companies are concerned, everyone knows that there is still an obvious gap in the filtration efficiency index of cabin filter products of different quality, so what needs to be done is to improve their own industrial technology to achieve more A high level of filtering effect can also meet the normal use needs of the air conditioner.