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What positive role did the CN95 air-conditioning car filter element play in the virus epidemic prevention war?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-07

The raging new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has made N95 masks a hot item. However, as many provinces and cities in China usher in a large-scale resumption of work, people who usually drive as their main mode of travel have great concerns about the air quality in their cars. .
Because there is a necessary internal and external filtering process in the driving process of the car, in addition to this, the door must be opened and closed, the window opened and other operations must be performed during the use of the car, which will cause the entry of virus aerosol substances. In addition to the air-conditioning intake system, the virus may Access to the inside of the vehicle through door and window glass.

However, the air-conditioning filter systems installed in most privately driven cars in our country are still not effective in filtering and safety protection. In response to the above-mentioned concerns, in order to reduce the hidden danger of infection caused by the internal environment of the car, the domestic certification agency recently launched a new Automobile cabin filter filter grade CN95 certification, automotive cabin filter elements that have reached this level of certification have become a hot topic of concern and discussion in the field of automotive maintenance and accessories.
The introduction of CN95 certification rules has positive significance for standardizing the filtration efficiency of automotive cabin filters, promoting the industry to improve air filtration technology, and providing consumers with better quality automotive air purification systems.
Here, we, Cuiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. also appeal to all users: precisely because of the particularity of automobile driving, automobile consumers and users should fully understand the upgrading of automobile air-conditioning filter systems, and replace automobile filter elements with higher protection levels. Personal protection should still be emphasized when passing through high-risk areas of the virus.