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During the COVID-19 period, CN95-grade air-conditioning filters have become a prerequisite for car owners to travel with peace of mind

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-05

The time has entered March 5th, and various units and enterprises in the province have also received the notice of resumption of work, and began to resume normal production and life one after another. The level of epidemic prevention and control, because the new crown pneumonia epidemic has not dissipated, and we still have battles to fight.
Through this period of observation, the editor found that everyone's awareness of safety levels has improved a lot. For example, we wear safety masks when traveling. In response to the air safety and quality requirements in the car, many car owners have taken the initiative to go to various auto parts repair places to replace the new generation of protective filter elements - CN95 air conditioning filter elements.

CN95 air conditioner filter element is the third generation protective automotive air conditioner filter element. Compared with the previous two generations of automotive air conditioner filter elements, its advantages are more prominent - the CN95 grade filter element can increase the filtering effect of particles with a diameter greater than or equal to 03μm to more than 95%. Harmful particles such as virus aerosols can have a certain filtering effect, and the protection effect has been improved.
The start of resumption of work means that a new round of anti-epidemic war has begun. Each of us must have the awareness of consciously and safely engaging in production and work activities. Replacing the new generation of CN95 air-conditioning filters will not only make your travel more secure, but also a guarantee for social security.