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Is it necessary to replace the CN95 cabin air filter in the current epidemic situation?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-25

At present, regarding the "new crown" epidemic, it affects the hearts of 1.4 billion compatriots. We are paying attention to the development of the situation all the time, and we are also doing a good job of isolation and protection through our own efforts, and pray that the epidemic will dissipate as soon as possible. Let all industries return to normal.


We all know that N95 masks can effectively play a protective role, and now some places have lifted the ban, and some businesses have been working normally, so how should we ensure our travel safety? Can we also use technical means to protect our car?" Wearing ""N95 masks", so that the protection and safety standards of the car interior space can also be improved?

In the recent stage, some companies have grasped this feature and believed that installing CN95 air-conditioning filter elements in vehicles can effectively filter particulate dust and make people travel safer.


Let's take a look at the application standards of CN95 air-conditioning filter elements for car-level filters, so that everyone can have a better understanding of CN95 air-conditioning filters.


1,0.3μm particle filtration efficiency reaches 95 percent;


2. The filtration efficiency of virus adsorption is usually larger than 0.74μm droplet nucleus reaches 98%;


3, Haze, PM2.5 dust filtration efficiency 99%;


At present, our company has completed the research and development of CN95 filter air-conditioning filter element, which is undergoing audit and inspection. I believe it will be applied to your car soon, making your travel safer.