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Introduction to specific application fields of dacromet coating

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-12

We know that in the process of modern industrial development, certain mechanical equipment needs to be used. These mechanical equipment are processed and manufactured from various metals. Although steel base parts have very good use characteristics, we know that many metals Because it is exposed to the outdoors or in a humid environment, it is very easy to rust and affect the use. Therefore, in order to reduce the corrosion of metal equipment at this time, scientists inventedDacromet coatinganti-corrosion technology.
The specific development background of Dacromet coating anticorrosion technology has been introduced in detail in the previous article. If you are interested in this aspect, you may wish to take a look. Then in today’s issue In the article, the editor would like to introduce to you the specific application fields of Dacromet coating anticorrosion technology:

1. Automotive field. Automobiles are high-speed vehicles, and their parts need good stability, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
2. Electronic field. Because the traditional electroplating anti-corrosion process has disadvantages such as complex process and general corrosion resistance after coating, it has many limited applications in the field of new electronic product processing. The Dacromet coating anti-corrosion process It can improve the above-mentioned disadvantages very well, so it is well used in the production of parts or accessories of household appliances, electronic products, communication equipment and other products.
3. Construction field. Because the metal parts of bridges, subways or highways are used outdoors for a long time, the environment is humid and exposed to the sun and wind, it is easy to rust. If the key structural parts are treated with Dacromet coating anticorrosion , can better improve safety and service life.