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How Anti-Corrosion Coating Can Help Metal Parts

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-23

Anti-corrosion coating is a device that is often applied on metal parts to prevent corrosion of metal parts. Therefore, anti-corrosion coating is often used in the surface treatment process of metal parts. Anti-corrosion coating is also the key in our life, whether it is the car skin Anti-corrosion coating can be used for skin coating in the factory. In order to deepen everyone's understanding, let's take a look at how anti-corrosion coating can help metal parts.

The basic metal coating process needs to clean the surface before the anti-corrosion construction of metal equipment, so as to ensure good contact between the coating and the base metal, but the surface of general metal parts usually has oxidation, rust, burrs, oil stains, moisture , dust and other surface defects, so it must be handled carefully when coating metal.

The electroplating method in metal coating can make the surface of the equipment beautiful, and can prevent rust and corrosion, so electroplating is widely used in production practice. However, due to the limitation of electroplating equipment, general factories do not have such workshops. Therefore, This method is not commonly used, and most of them use metal spray protection on metal surfaces.

Metal spraying is the use of compressed air to atomize molten metal into particles and spray it on the surface of the workpiece to form a metal coating layer. Before spraying, the surface is derusted and then coated. Because the process and equipment of the spraying method are relatively simple Therefore, it is widely used in preventing high temperature oxidation, high temperature carbon dioxide corrosion in sulfuric acid production, and papermaking equipment corrosion protection.

The above is the help of anti-corrosion coating for metal parts shared with you. After understanding these, I believe that when you apply anti-corrosion coating in the future, you can give full play to its performance advantages. Our company provides various types For anti-corrosion coating, you can consult us.