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How to use the special refrigeration accessories to prolong the service life?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-02-19

There are many accessories on the car. It is the organic combination of these accessories that we can see cars running on the road with good performance and very powerful. Special refrigeration accessories are also very common on the car, such as There is a car refrigerator in the car, and there are some cooling equipment in the car. These devices are special refrigeration accessories. So how to choose this special refrigeration accessory? What should you pay attention to when choosing? How do the special refrigeration accessories work?

If the system configuration of the refrigeration unit is reasonable, the special refrigeration accessories can not only meet the general needs of users, but also make the equipment achieve energy saving effect. According to the introduction of the air conditioning and refrigeration market, the optimized configuration can increase the energy efficiency of the system by 40%-50%. But if the configuration is low-end, the equipment is likely to be less efficient than the worst parts assembled in the system, and at the same time it will damage other components, making the system in destructive work. "Little horse, big cart", or "big Phenomena such as "horse-drawn carts" are common.

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