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Henan Dacromet Company Interprets the Essence of Dacromet Technology

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-02-14

Various metal products have different performances during use, and at the same time, they will also have different reactions to various substances in the air. Therefore, for metal products, we mostly use them in the production process. The surface is treated. Among them, the Dacromet process is a process that is used more at present. Xinxiang Dacromet Company will explain its process and characteristics to you.

The complete set of Dacromet process equipment adopts the coating method of the whole process closed circuit, which innovates the electroplating process and eliminates the acid, alkali, zinc, chromium and other sewage generated in the electroplating process, waste gas emissions and pollution sources. Dacromet is degreased -The process of shot blasting-coating-curing-cooling-finished product makes the processed body form a silver-gray anti-corrosion coating composed of flake zinc powder, aluminum powder and metal chromium salt.

During the formation of the Dacromet film on the metal surface, almost all the volatilized substances are vaporized water. In industrially developed countries, it has been widely used and gradually replaced electro-galvanizing, electroplating, and hot-dip galvanizing, which are seriously polluted. , Thermal spraying zinc, mechanical galvanizing, zinc-based alloy coating, oxidation, phosphating and other traditional surface treatment processes reduce the occurrence of environmental pollution.

Technology is constantly improving. If there is no Dacromet process, the previous treatment method also has its corresponding advantages. After the Dacromet process appears, its advantages are more obvious, and it can gradually replace the previous process. Xinxiang Dacromet Co., Ltd. mainly With mature dacromet coating technology, you are welcome to inquire us and look forward to cooperating with you.