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Precautions for metal coating application

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-01-29

Metal coating is a surface protection material used for metal parts. Coating metal parts with it can achieve good anti-corrosion effect. In winter, it will snow or the road surface will freeze, and in order to reduce the freezing point of water, often spray on the road surface Salt, but when the vehicle is running on the road, it will be stained on the skin of the vehicle. Since the skin of the vehicle is made of alloy, it will form electrolysis when it contacts with salt water, which will seriously damage the image of the car, and the application of metal coating is reduced. In the event of vehicle skin corrosion, let's take a look at the precautions for use.

Thick coatings should be avoided as much as possible, because: due to the hindrance of solvent volatilization and oxygen absorption in thicker coatings, the curing speed is very slow. The upper layer of the coating is often chemically cross-linked, but the lower layer is still still The stickiness is not cured; the flux is also easily sealed and cannot volatilize, which affects the coating performance, such as adhesion and electrical insulation. In addition, the coating may crack during the thermal shock test, which greatly affects the protective performance of the coating. Especially devices operating in wet environments. Excessively thick coatings are prone to occur when applying by brush and hand spray or when applying with materials of a given viscosity.

In exceptional cases, components coated with coating materials may fail due to the following possible reasons: contamination of the components by residues from the production process; use of unsuitable coating protection materials during production; The curing of the coating is delayed, for example, because the coating of this type of material is too thick or the air is too humid or the air is smooth; the operation or voltage test is carried out during the coating process, in addition to these abnormal faults, there may also be electrolysis of water and crystal formation.

Although metal coating helps to slow down the corrosion of metal parts when applied on metal parts, if the method of application is improper, it will not achieve good anti-corrosion effect. In addition to choosing the right product, you should also take the correct application Only by coating the equipment in this way can a good anti-corrosion effect be achieved. Our company provides various types of metal coating and environmental protection coating. If you want to know more, please contact us.