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What factors will affect the special spare parts for automobiles

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-01-17

Automobile-specific spare parts are mainly used in automobiles. For different cars, their performance is different, so the spare parts used are also different. Generally, our common auto-specific spare parts are mainly made of metal materials. , if no protective measures are taken, it will affect the normal use of auto parts, and more seriously, it will cause damage to parts. Auto parts will also be affected by some factors. Let's take a look at the factors below.

Temperature: Some parts are sensitive to temperature and are easily affected by temperature. Too high or too low temperature will cause quality changes and affect the use effect.

Humidity: If the humidity is too high, the surface of metal parts is easily oxidized and corroded, and the inner parts of instruments and electrical appliances are easily oxidized and corroded and lose their sensitivity.

Air: The air contains a lot of water vapor and oxygen, which will oxidize and rust the metal. The corrosive gas corrodes the surface of the metal parts, accelerates the progress of corrosion, and causes early wear of the parts.

Sunlight and rain: Strong sunlight and long exposure time will increase the surface temperature of the accessories and easily deform the accessories. For example, rubber products and plastic products are aging and cracked, and the sun and rain will easily oxidize and rust the parts and become brittle after aging. , the insulation deteriorates.

Dust and impurities: it will aggravate the corrosion of metal fittings, and deteriorate the insulation of electrical components, affecting the precision and sensitivity of instruments and meters.

To sum up, these are some of the factors that affect the use of auto parts. With the rapid development of production technology, in order to protect auto parts, many manufacturers have begun to take some measures to carry out the surface treatment of parts. , so that for spare parts, it also reduces the loss phenomenon. After production, the special auto parts provided by our company are processed by special processing technology, which also helps to improve the quality of spare parts.