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What are the common applications of environmentally friendly metal coatings

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-25

Environmentally friendly metal coating is mainly used in metals. We all know that metals will be affected by many factors and cause corrosion, and even serious electrolytic reactions will occur under the interference of salt, which will cause losses to metal parts. Environmentally friendly metal coatings The application not only helps to reduce the reaction between the metal and other corrosive substances, but also protects the color of the metal appearance. So what are the common functions of environmentally friendly metal coatings?

1. Under various special working conditions, the performance of general grease cannot be adapted, and a wear-resistant coating can be used for lubrication.

2. When it is difficult to supply oil: Some components and friction pairs cannot continuously supply lubricating grease, the installation work is not easy to access or the installation and disassembly are difficult, and regular maintenance is not possible, the wear-resistant coating can be used for lubrication.

3. Occasions where the environmental conditions are very clean: transmission parts in electronics, textiles, chemical and other machinery or transmission parts of household appliances should avoid pollution and require a very clean environment.

4. This product is a high-performance anti-corrosion coating. The coating is smooth, dense, hard, strong adhesion, salt-alkali resistance, sea water resistance, soil microbial corrosion resistance, and good penetration resistance of plant roots. The coating is used in combination with glass fiber cloth , can enhance the mechanical properties of the anti-corrosion layer.

5. Coating at room temperature, natural curing, simple construction, manual or mechanical construction, especially suitable for on-site use.

Environmentally friendly metal coating not only has corrosion resistance, but also has a good environmental protection effect. Environmentally friendly metal coating will not affect the surrounding ecology during use, so both vehicles and mechanical equipment can be used with confidence. Coating. Environmentally friendly metal coating is a common metal surface treatment technology. Its appearance reduces the occurrence of metal corrosion in daily life and has a good application effect in the market.