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What value does the emergence of metal coating bring

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-12-18

Metal coating is often used to protect metals. Whether it is a car or some mechanical equipment in an operation workshop, corrosion will occur after a long period of use due to long contact with the atmosphere. Metal coating is a common metal Protective products, after being applied to the metal surface, can effectively improve the weather resistance of the metal and reduce the corrosion and damage of metal equipment. So what is the value of the emergence of metal coating?

After the metal surface is corroded or worn, it will cause equipment damage, pipeline leakage, product pollution, and even lead to vicious accidents such as combustion or explosion, as well as serious waste of resources and energy, causing greater losses to the national economy.

Metal coating technology is a technology that endows the surface of materials and their parts with specific properties, improves the use value of materials, and prolongs the service life of parts. It can directly compound coating materials to the surface of parts of low-grade matrix materials to form a Composite material parts with high performance can replace the overall use of more expensive material parts, and manufacture products that are difficult to manufacture with other technologies at a lower cost. It is important to improve the service life and reliability of parts.

Metal coating technology also plays an important role in ships, steel structure bridges, sluice gates, storage tanks and other equipment and facilities. In harsh environments, steel structures such as ships are severely corroded. Without protective measures, some ships The medium repair plate rate is more than 50%. The long-term anti-corrosion coating is prepared on the steel structure by spraying metal coating, which can prolong the anti-corrosion life of the steel structure.

We all know that in winter, in order to reduce road icing, salt is often sprinkled on the road to lower the freezing point of water, but when cars drive by, the salty water will stain the surface of the vehicle and form electrolytes, causing damage to the skin of the vehicle A certain amount of corrosion seriously affects the appearance of the vehicle. The emergence of metal coating reduces the occurrence of such situations and plays a certain role in protecting the vehicle. Metal coating is a common product in our life, and its appearance is convenient It protects our life and provides a good protection for the equipment used in our life.