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What are the application advantages of Dacromet metal coating

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-08

Dacromet metal coating is a kind of paint used for metal surface coating. We all know that there will be ice and other phenomena on the road in winter, and some traditional methods are to sprinkle salt to lower the freezing point, but after using this method, When the vehicle is running, these salts will be contaminated on the surface of the vehicle or metal material, which will cause some electrolytic reactions and accelerate the corrosion of the metal. In order to slow down these phenomena, Dacromet metal coating is often used to protect the metal.

There are many kinds of dacromet coating liquid, but the basic composition of the coating liquid is as follows: 1. Metal objects: composed of zinc, aluminum and other substances, mainly ultrafine flaky zinc and ultrafine flaky aluminum. 2. Solvent: inert organic Solvent, such as ethylene glycol, etc. 3, Inorganic acid components: such as chromic acid, etc. 4, Special organic matter: It is the viscosity-increasing and dispersing component of the coating liquid, and the main component is cellulose-like white powder.

It is also necessary to use Dacromet technology for various metal surface coatings. One is that the original electroplated parts have poor corrosion resistance and are prone to rust; poor thermal corrosion resistance and easy deformation; poor surface stability of the coating and easy hydrogen embrittlement; Because Dacromet technology overcomes these shortcomings of electroplating, it can adapt to the requirements of users.

The above are some introductions to the application advantages of Dacromet metal coating. Understanding these has also deepened our understanding of Dacromet metal coating. In fact, this coating can also be used to slow down the air in the production of some high-demand parts. Oxidation of metals, so as to control the precision of metals and reduce problems in use. Our company has a large number of Dacromet metal coatings, which are reliable in quality and good in performance, and are your good choice.