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Dacromet coating manufacturers talk about the application of Dacromet in hot-dip galvanizing

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-20

In the traditional galvanizing process, manufacturers generally use strong corrosive solutions such as concentrated sulfuric acid or concentrated hydrochloric acid for abnormal pickling, but after hot-dip galvanizing, hydrogen embrittlement will also occur on the workpiece. The use of Dacromet can To obtain a thicker galvanized layer for the workpiece, next Dacromet coating manufacturers will share the advantages of the application of Dacromet on hot-dip galvanizing.

Dacromet hot-dip galvanizing is a galvanizing method widely used in China at present. It can make the workpiece obtain a thicker galvanized layer. Generally, the average thickness of the zinc layer can reach more than 50 microns, and it has uniform coating and strong adhesion. , long service life and other advantages. The traditional process is mainly to remove the oil on the surface of the workpiece, then pickle the workpiece to remove rust, wash it with water and put it in a solvent for cleaning (the solvent includes ammonium chloride, zinc chloride or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride mixture, etc.), then put the workpiece into the galvanizing tank for galvanizing, dry it and finish it.

However, dacromet coating manufacturers remind all friends that dacromet itself has certain limitations, for example: dacromet will age rapidly when exposed to light, so the coating process of dacromet should be carried out indoors; If the baking temperature is too low or too high, dacromet will lose its antiseptic ability. Abrasion resistance of other coatings closed.

In addition, Dacromet has a certain life cycle, please be sure to use up Dacromet within the time limit. Dacromet coating manufacturers will first talk about the application of Dacromet in hot-dip galvanizing and the precautions here, more For product information, welcome to visit the official website of the Dacromet coating manufacturer.