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What are the applications of Xinxiang Dacromet on trucks

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-11-15

Xinxiang Dacromet is also an important new type of anti-corrosion coating. It is mainly composed of zinc powder, aluminum powder, chromic acid and deionized water. It is widely used on many parts, reducing the failure rate of equipment and improving product quality. Performance. So, what are the applications of Xinxiang Dacromet on trucks?

Dacromet is required for the anti-corrosion of various high-strength chassis small and medium brackets, connectors, exposed parts and fasteners on trucks, such as various special-shaped steel brackets, bolts (including saddle bolts, wheel bolts, etc.), nuts etc. Foreign countries have clearly suggested that fasteners of grade 10.9 or higher on automobiles should use Dacromet coating for corrosion protection, because Dacromet coating not only has high corrosion resistance, but also can ensure no hydrogen embrittlement.

The anti-corrosion of various elastic parts on trucks, such as hoops, semicircular hoops, various springs, leaf springs, etc. also need to use Dacromet. These parts have high requirements for strength and hardness, and electroplating treatment will produce hydrogen embrittlement, such as Dehydrogenation is not complete, and it is prone to tearing or corrosion fatigue under dynamic load for a long time, which will bring hidden dangers to the driving of the car, especially for trucks, whose operating environment is relatively harsh, so the surface treatment requirements for these parts are correspondingly higher , and Dacromet coating has high corrosion resistance and high weather resistance, which is very suitable for the surface treatment of such auto parts.

We know that high-strength steel has a certain risk of hydrogen embrittlement in the process of pickling and electroplating. Although these can be dehydrogenated by heat treatment, they are difficult to eradicate. Xinxiang Dacromet does not need pickling and activation, and does not cause hydrogen evolution. The electrochemical reaction occurs, which can avoid this phenomenon. If you need to buy Xinxiang Dacromet, please call.