Car cabin filter 87139-07010

Car cabin filter 87139-07010
Car cabin filter 87139-07010

Product Name: Auto Cabin Filter 87139-07010
Applicable models: Toyota Reiz, New Crown, Camry
Product Description:
If the filter element of the car air conditioner filter is not replaced after long-term use, the impurities left on the air conditioner filter element will mildew and produce bacteria and odors, which will easily lead to a decrease in the cooling\/heating effect of the air conditioner and reduce the service life of the air conditioner. It will also endanger driving The health of passengers and passengers, and even induce respiratory diseases.
The high-concentration pollen scattered through the polluted air-conditioning filter can also stimulate people with allergies to sneeze, and the consequence is to induce traffic accidents while driving.
Therefore, from the perspective of human health and traffic safety, our automotive air conditioning filters need to be replaced in time after a period of use.