air conditioner filter

air conditioner filter
air conditioner filter

In the closed condition of the car, the air cannot be updated in time, and the concentration of carbon monoxide will become higher and higher, which will lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. When driving in the driveway, the air quality outside the car is very poor.


After the air conditioner has been used for a long time, many microorganisms will gather in the air-conditioning channel, and a large amount of polluted air will directly enter the human body, which will damage human health.


We all know that the air in the car enters the car space after passing through the air filter. The air conditioner is another accomplice to exacerbate the air pollution in the car. The function of the air conditioner filter is to filter the air entering the car from the outside To improve the cleanliness of the air, general filter substances refer to impurities contained in the air, tiny particles, pollen, bacteria, industrial waste gas and dust, etc. The effect of the air conditioning filter is to prevent such substances from entering the air conditioning system and damaging the air conditioning system , provide a good air environment for the occupants in the car, protect the health of the occupants in the car, and prevent the glass from atomizing.


Problems that may arise when replacing the air filter element on a regular basis


If the filter element is seriously clogged, the resistance will increase in the near future and the engine power will decrease. At the same time, the increase in air resistance will also increase the amount of gasoline sucked in, resulting in too thick a mixture ratio, which will make the engine run poorly and increase Fuel consumption is also prone to carbon deposition, so you should develop the habit of checking the air rate and cleaning the filter element daily.

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