fuel filter

fuel filter
fuel filter

Gasoline filter, as the name implies, is a device used to filter magazines in gasoline. It can filter out solid impurities such as iron oxide and dust contained in gasoline, and reduce the chance of pipelines such as oil inlets being blocked by impurities; It can ensure that the gasoline flowing into the fuel system has no damage to the engine, etc., and the engine can work normally, so that the working life of the parts can be extended as much as possible.
Generally, if the pipeline is blocked by a lot of gasoline impurities, there may be the following problems:
1. When stepping on the accelerator, the power supply of the engine is insufficient, and the car is difficult to start. Sometimes it takes 2-5 times to turn on the ignition.
2. Cause damage to the fuel injector, fuel pump, fuel pipeline and other components in the engine, thus affecting the normal operation of the fuel system.
Most engines are equipped with disposable non-removable and washable paper filter elements, so they need to be replaced in time after a certain period of use. Generally, the gasoline filter replacement cycle of vehicles is 10,000 kilometers. In addition, pay attention to the marked direction when replacing. Anti-loaded.

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