Automobile filter

Automobile filter
Automobile filter

The purpose of regular maintenance of automobile filter cartridge is to reduce the failure of the machine, extend the service life of the machine, shorten the downtime of the machine, improve the working efficiency and reduce the operating cost.

As long as the management of fuel, lubricating oil, water and air can be reduced by 70% of the failure, in fact, about 70% of failures due to poor management.

1, the fuel management: according to different ambient temperature, choose different grades of diesel, diesel can not be mixed with impurities, dust and water, otherwise it will premature wear and tear of the fuel pump; inferior paraffin and sulfur content of high fuel, the engine Resulting in damage; the daily operation after the fuel tank to be full of fuel, to prevent the tank wall droplets; open the fuel tank at the end of the daily operation before the water drain valve drain; exhausted or replaced in the engine fuel filter, the exhaust line must exhaust the air ;

2, the management of other oil: other oil, including engine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc .; different grades and different grades of oil can not be mixed together; different varieties of excavator oil added in the production process of chemical or Different physical additives; To ensure that the oil clean, prevent debris mixed; According to the selection of ambient temperature and the use of oil labels. Ambient temperature should be high viscosity oil, low ambient temperature should use a small viscosity oil; Gear oil viscosity is relatively large, in order to adapt to a larger transmission load, the viscosity of hydraulic oil is relatively small, in order to reduce liquid flow resistance;

3, grease management: the use of lubricants can reduce the wear and tear on the moving surface to prevent noise. Grease storage, can not be mixed with dust, sand, water and other impurities; Recommend the use of lithium-based grease g2-l1, anti-wear performance is good for heavy conditions; when filling, all the old oil should be squeezed as much as possible Out and wipe clean to prevent sand adhesion;

4, the maintenance of the filter: filter to play a role in the filter oil or gas in the road, to prevent its intrusion into the system and cause failure; a variety of filters to be replaced on a regular basis; replacement filter, you should check whether the metal attached to the old On the filter element, if it is found metal particles Yi timely diagnosis and take measures to improve; the use of pure filter in line with the provisions of the machine. Fake filter the ability to filter less, the filter layer surface and the quality of the material does not meet the requirements, will seriously affect the normal use of the machine.

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