Car air conditioner filter

Car air conditioner filter
Car air conditioner filter

Product Name: Automotive air conditioning filter

The role of filter:

1, the filter is equivalent to the nose, is the air to enter the engine to pass the first "checkpoint", its role is to filter out the air of the wind and sand and some suspended particulate matter to ensure the normal operation of the engine;

2, air-conditioning filter to achieve the function of clean air environment, air-conditioning filter to keep the compartment fresh air, even in the fog and high concentrations of pollen, but also to ensure that the driver's attention is not affected;

3, the role of the filter is to stop the metal particles generated due to high-speed operation of the engine and add dust in the process of lubricating oil to ensure that the overall lubrication system to be purified to reduce wear and tear parts, thereby extending the life of the engine;

4, the role of automotive air-conditioning filter is filtered out of fuel in the production and transportation of debris, to prevent corrosion of the fuel system damage.