Automobile flange

Automobile flange
Automobile flange

The automobile flange is also called the automobile installation flange, which is a kind of automobile modification parts. The following editor will introduce why this part is used in the automobile:
In the production process of the car, the factory will specify the width of the tire according to some reasons, so the displacement of the front wheel of the car is limited. If the widened tire is used, the original design of the fender position is not enough, and it may occur when turning The tires contact the fender and friction will affect the driving safety. Therefore, the use of the car flange can make the front wheel move outward, and the space left will not touch the fender.
Based on the above introduction, we can know that the installation of the car flange can improve the stability of the vehicle, and it can better resist the turning roll when driving, so that the driver of the vehicle can better control the car and prevent safety accidents. , improve driving safety.
If you have the need for the installation of automobile flanges, you may wish to contact our company's technical staff. Our company uses high-quality materials and good craftsmanship, and has a good market reputation and is worthy of your trust.

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