End cap assembly

End cap assembly
End cap assembly

There is a component that needs to be used in the pump body motor - the end cover assembly. Some people may not know much about the end cover assembly. Below we will introduce you from the structure and characteristics of the end cover assembly:
One, the structure
The end cover assembly is composed of base, symmetrical brush, cantilever brush mounting frame, choke coil and 4 terminals. The base has a through hole, and each choke coil includes a spring box cover And the coil. The 2 ends of the 2 choke coils are respectively connected to the 4 terminals. In the remaining structure, the 2 brushes are electrically connected to the terminals, and the choke coils are arranged in parallel and symmetrically on the 2 sides of the through hole of the base.
2, features
The end cover assembly designed and produced by our company has a compact and reasonable structure, and the brush mounting frame in the form of a cantilever can reduce the noise of the rotor structure, which can effectively reduce the noise of the motor using the end cover assembly.
At present, in addition to being used on the pump body motor equipment, the end cover assembly will develop more uses in the future. On behalf of our company, the editor also welcomes your visit and purchase.

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