Safety filter

Safety filter
Safety filter

The filter element is a fuel filter system specially designed for large diesel vehicles. The main working structure is the safety filter element. The following editor invites a technician from the production of this equipment to introduce the material, structure and effect:
One, material
Safety filter elements generally use disposable filter paper, so they need to be replaced regularly. Some also use felt or polymer materials as raw materials.
2, structure
The structure of the safety filter element is replaceable and spin-on, and there are two main signs of the oil inlet and the oil outlet. Therefore, when we replace or install the filter element, we need to pay attention to the direction and do not install it backwards. .
3, function
The function of the safety filter element is to filter out harmful impurities and moisture in the fuel system, protect the normal operation of the engine, reduce wear, avoid clogging, and improve engine life. If the engine is the heart of the car, and the oil is the blood of the car, then the safety filter element is It is the liver and lungs of the car.
In addition, the technician also said that if you still have some doubts about the safety filter element, you can go to the manufacturer of the relevant filter element for detailed consultation.

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