Industrial Aluminum Profile Frame

Industrial Aluminum Profile Frame
Industrial Aluminum Profile Frame

For a lot of equipment, a protective bracket or a bracket frame of a certain shape is required. At present, the more common protective frames include industrial aluminum profile frames, steel profile frames, and alloy frames. Below we invite professional frame production technicians to provide Let us introduce the characteristics of these products:
1. Steel frame
The advantages of this frame structure are high hardness and high rigidity, but it is not suitable for processing, has poor plasticity, and is relatively expensive.
2, alloy frame
There are many types of alloy frames, and the properties of different alloy components are also very different, so they are rarely used and are generally customized products.
3, Industrial aluminum profile frame
Because the texture of aluminum is soft, cold stamping can be used to make it separate or plastically deformed to obtain the required frame structure. It is more popular in the market because this frame is not only stable in structure, but also has relatively high processing accuracy. High, the appearance size of the product is relatively ideal. It is also one of the main frame products of our company.
Our company has good cold stamping technology, and can undertake the processing of various cold stamping products. The product quality is good and the price is reasonable, so welcome all friends for business cooperation.