Dacromet manufacturers with you over the Dragon Boat Festival to eat Zongzi!

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-06-15

The Dragon Boat Festival is about to arrive, for example, people like to eat dates, red bean paste, southerners prefer to eat egg yolk, floss, small part is the north, so we are family together, the Dragon Boat Festival.

Remember when I was a child, when the Dragon Boat Festival, MOM will buy a lot of rice dumplings in advance, as well as glutinous rice, home is always finished a basin and a basin. During the Dragon Boat Festival, from the festival before eating until after the festival, Zongzi runs through the small series of all impressions of the dragon boat.


Small series Home is the north, rarely can see the dragon Boat Race, this custom seems to be in small home-shaped with a fake, only on TV and books on the dragon boat is known to commemorate Qu Yuan, the book introduced the Dragon boat seems to be originated from salvage Qu Yuan. Making Zongzi is actually to put Zongzi into the river so that the fish eat rice dumplings do not eat the body of Qu Yuan. I really want to experience the feeling of sitting on the dragon boat in the rush drum.

China's history 5,000 years, our traditional festivals slowly decline, many foreign festivals prevail, but belong to our country's traditional festivals in the increasingly simplified, recall small series of children, the Dragon Boat Festival will have a variety of activities, and now travel part of the city has activities, most of the 2, 3 line cities are beginning to tend to commercialization, The charm and essence of Chinese traditional festivals is not only its positive factors, such as diligence, wisdom, simplicity and so on, but also its historical authenticity and simple culture.

Dragon Boat Festival is about to arrive, the manufacturers in advance wish you a happy Dragon Boat festival!