Henan Dacros manufacturers | Dacromet technology is now very popular on the market

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Nowadays, Dacromet's skills have been incomparable. The Dacromet coating is mainly a water-based zinc-chromium coating, brushing or spraying steel parts or constructing a leather phase, and baking is made of scaly zinc and zinc. The acid salt is an inorganic corrosion-resistant coating of secondary identity.
Secondary features:
1. Strong corrosion resistance: The coating quality is high. The zinc-chromium coating is improving in the dry tropical marine industry. Its protection function is higher than that of electro-galvanizing, electroplating, hot dip galvanizing and so on. Several times the layer is several times;

2. Hydrogen embrittlement does not occur: it is very suitable for the skin protection of high-strength bolts and springs with tensile strength Rm≥1000N/mm2.
Other features:
1. Whether the good or bad is good;
2. The situation is not contagious;
3, heat resistance function;
4, high adhesion;
5, the common precision Jade Court auto parts is an amateur disposal Dacromet solution, Dacros skills manufacturers, reception customers need to call inquiries.