Henan Dacromet manufacturers share the benefits of using Dacromet equipment

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-05-29

Nowadays, many mechanical equipments are very well understood by everyone. And nowadays many of the equipments are automated, and the operation is more convenient. This not only makes the production efficiency improve, but also plays a significant role in some other aspects. This is also a big change in our way of life. If you want to continue to understand, Henan Dacromet manufacturers will introduce you to the high temperature, pollution-free characteristics of Dacromet equipment for everyone to introduce, let us take a look at it.

The technology used by Dacromet equipment is Dacromet technology, which is a complex integrated technical system. When introducing this technology, China did not introduce the matching surface coating technology at the same time, and showed it on the impedance spectrum. The corrosion resistance is higher and tends to be stable. The second capacitive reactance radius is large. The straight line can be seen approximately, showing the characteristic of impedance. At this time, the corrosion reaction mechanism changes, and the control step of corrosion reaction has been transformed by activation. For the diffusion process control, the corrosion rate is extremely low and the corrosion reaction is basically suppressed. However, the Dacromet coating has a good bond with the metal substrate, the treated parts are easy to be sprayed and colored, and the combination of Dacromet and the organic coating even exceeds the phosphate film. Dacromet can withstand high temperature corrosion and has a heat resistant temperature of over 300 °C. In the traditional process, when the temperature reaches 100 °C, the skin has been scrapped. In the whole process of production and processing and workpiece coating, Dacro will not produce environmentally polluted waste water and waste, which reduces the treatment cost.
According to what we have described above, I believe that everyone has a little understanding of the benefits of using Dacromet equipment. There are a lot of mechanical equipment for us to use, but there are not many good quality machinery and equipment. Some mechanical equipment will not be used for a long time, so you must choose a regular equipment manufacturer when you choose to buy. Our company also has semi-automatic Dacromet coating machines and other equipment, welcome you.