The complexity of Dacromet process

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The development of many industries in life is inseparable from the environmental protection of Dacromet. Sometimes some inconspicuous factors can lead to big gaps. For example, let’s take a look at Dacromet today. What is the trend of coating.
The Dacromet process was introduced to the domestic market in the 1990s. Dacromet coating has developed rapidly in the industrial field due to its environmental protection, high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, good permeability and no hydrogen embrittlement. Domestic companies quickly digested and absorbed Dacromet technology and quickly mastered the essence of Coca-Cola technology. Nowadays, there are hundreds of Dacromet coating lines in the country, and Dacromet equipment is sold well both at home and abroad.

Compared to traditional surface treatment technologies such as electro-galvanizing, chrome plating, hot dip galvanizing, phosphating, Dacromet treatment is very friendly, and the composite coating with additional coating on the Dacromet coating is more functional. . Today, Dacromet coating has been widely used in various industrial fields such as automobiles, motorcycles, highways, railway bridges, highway guardrails, electric power, home appliances, military industry, etc. More than 200 domestic Dacromet production lines can process 100,000 tons per year. Dacromet parts.
Dacromet coating is a new environmentally friendly metal anticorrosive coating developed in the 1950s and beginning to enter the industrial field. After it has not polluted the environment and high anti-corrosion performance, no hydrogen embrittlement and other comprehensive quality characteristics, the world has experienced rapid development.
Dacromet products have become the best alternative to many traditional surface treatment technologies such as electroplating, electroplating, hot dip galvanizing and phosphating. Has a great contribution in the history of environmental protection, especially in the Dacromet coating plus the additional coating of the composite coating, its functional development and utilization of Dacromet coating, how to achieve Dacromet coating The prospect of the development trend is bright!