What are the technical advantages of the Dacromet process?

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We live in a time of rapid development of science and technology, often have friends say such a way to live such technology, do not know if you have learnedDacrometTechnology, it is a new technology to deal with the surface of the object, environmental protection, easy to use, so many manufacturers put into use.
Advantages of the Dacromet process:
1, ultra-strong corrosion resistance: the use of the process of the processing of the standard parts, pipe fittings by salt spray test 1200h or more does not appear red rust;
2, high heat resistance: Tatsu can withstand high temperature corrosion resistance, heat temperature of up to 300 ℃, and the traditional galvanizing process, the temperature reached 100 ℃ when the skin has been scrapped;
3, hydrogen-free brittleness: Dacromet processing Technology decided Dacromet no crisp phenomenon, so dacromet is very suitable for the coating of the force;

4, the binding force and good performance in transit: a good adhesion between the coating and the metal substrate, and with other additional coating has a strong adhesiveness, the processed parts are easy to spray coloring, and organic coating adhesion even more than phosphating film;
5, good permeability: because of the electrostatic shielding effect, the deep hole of the workpiece, slit, the inner wall of the pipe and other parts is difficult to electroplating zinc, so the above parts of the workpiece can not be protected by electroplating method;
6, pollution-free and pollution: Dacromet in the production and processing and coating the whole process, will not produce pollution to the environment of waste gas, not three wastes treatment, reduce the processing costs.
I believe that through the above content, we have learned that the performance of the process is strong corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, permeability is good, it is important that it pollution, it is very popular.