A simple understanding of the technology of the Rockwell coating

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-21

Now there are a lot of innovative technology in our lives, because of their appearance, so that our lives become more and more beautiful, and we also obtained a lot of convenience, this is the people have deep feelings, below we come to a simple look at it.

Dacromet coating is a new type of corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminum coating, which has anti-corrosive properties, high permeability, heat resistance and environmental protection, and is suitable for fasteners, structural parts and metal parts anticorrosion processing in all walks of life. The main processing products have screws, nuts and other fasteners, electrical gadgets, such as small parts of the car. The salt spray test of the workpiece after the processing of the Zeng coating can reach more than 500 hours, the treatment of the Luo-Tu has a strong anti-rust ability, acid and alkali resistance, high surface hardness, and has silver, black, gray and other colors available for customers to choose.

The coating can fully meet the national environmental requirements, has been widely used in automotive, electrical, railway, communications and wind power industry.