Understanding the Dacromet principle of corrosion protection

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-08-10

Compared to the technology, I believe that everyone is no stranger, in the field of machining, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of various products and equipment, the product to take certain means is very necessary.

Dacromet Liquid is a water-based treatment solution, impregnated with a metal sheet or a spray brush in a water-based treatment solution, then put into a baking film around 300 ℃, with zinc, aluminum formed curing oven, chromium inorganic coating. When cured, and volatile other volatile material coating, at the same time rely on high-priced wine to the chromium salt oxidation, so that the elements of zinc, aluminum and the larger negative electrode potential iron base paste after the body should form Fe, Zn, aluminum chromium compounds. Since the membranes are in the substrate and should be obtained directly after the coating is very dense, the coatings in the corrosive environment will form a large number of primitive cells, that is, the multi-negative potential to the etching of aluminum, zinc salts, until they may corrode to the substrate itself is consumed. Because the body is dacromet sacrificial anode corrosion and cathodic protection of the coating integration of the main body, so its corrosion resistance is proportional to the thickness of the film.

To sum up, we understand how the effect and effect of the arrival of the anti-corrosion treatment, after all, different manufacturers in the way of the treatment of the same, choose a reliable company's treatment is very important. If we have any need in this respect, we can consult with us and I believe we will reap some gains.