What are the specific advantages of Dacromet metal coatings?

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-04-02

I believe that many people now have a certain understanding of the technology of the metal coating of the Rockwell, with the production needs of our products, now around a lot of products are used by the technology of Chui metal coating processing, we all know, we are the superiority of the metal coating of Rockwell, Compared to other products surface processing technology is more significant, then the advantages of the metal coating of the Rockwell in what respect?

First, it has excellent corrosion resistance. The use of this product is to allow it to form a certain coating on the surface of the parts, to achieve the protection of parts, to avoid the corrosion of parts. In this respect, the company can be said to have a special advantage, because its internal aluminum, zinc, branded and other components have a good self-healing role, thin coating often takes a long time to be eroded;

Second, it has good permeability. It is possible to penetrate all parts of the part, especially the tightly bonded parts, so as to form a flat, uncoated coating. With Dacromet, in some complex parts, such as the inner surface of tubular structure, can penetrate the coating;

Third, very environmental protection, its processing is in a completely closed environment, while the volatile ingredients are basically all water, do not contain toxic pollution of the material, so its use can be very good to reduce environmental pollution, will not destroy the environment.

Can be seen, the processing advantage of the metal coating is very large, it is no wonder that there are so many products around the use of the processing, I believe that with the gradual popularization of our arrival, around the use of the products to the Luo processing more and more.

In the metal coating processing in the company has accumulated a wealth of experience, there is a need for these to the processing of the friends welcome to our companies to see, take you to learn more knowledge.