Dacromet Metal Coating Price | The performance advantage brought by the processing of Rockwell

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Now in our daily life, there are a lot of equipment and tools, let us in the conduct of work or repair, the process of providing a very great convenience.

And these equipment or tools, are composed of many sophisticated components, in order to allow better use of equipment quality, in the parts of the processing mode, to be more careful consideration, in the industry more popular processing mode isDacromet Metal CoatingProcessing technology, then what kind of technology can bring the product advantage?

The performance advantages of Dacromet metal coating technology:

1, the comprehensive strength and in the coating performance good: The Rockwell layer and the metal base has the good binding force, has the strong adhesion with other additional layer, the processing part is easy to spray the coloring, the binding force even surpasses the phosphating film;

2, good permeability: due to electrostatic shielding effect, the workpiece's deep l, slit, pipe fittings, such as the inner wall is difficult to electroplating zinc, so the workpiece of the above parts can not adopt electroplating method for protection. Dacromet can be entered into these parts of the workpiece to form a Rockwell coating;

3, no hydrogen brittleness: As the technology in the process of processing no acid treatment, there is no electroplating when the problem of hydrogen permeation, coupled with the coating at elevated temperature curing, so from the process to ensure that there is no hydrogen embrittlement coating.

The above is for the metal coating processing of the advantages of processing products to bring the advantage of performance, the above performance, but also make up the composition of the equipment has a better quality of protection, can greatly extend the service life of equipment, can be said to be once and for all. This high-quality processing technology, nature is also favored by the market, the demand is very large, in order to be able to achieve the bulk of the product of the processing, all will be fully automatic tilt coating machine, such as the automation equipment, and thus greatly improve the production of products.