The inevitable necessity of using the technology of the metal coating of the Rockwell

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-03-14

Dacromet Metal Coating technology is a new type of surface treatment technology, its use is to a large extent convenient for our use, the following we have a simple understanding.

1, because electroplating not only to the atmosphere, land, water cause serious pollution, the harm to the operation of workers is very large. The country has now repeating, need to introduce new green industry to replace, so the extinction of electroplating industry is the inevitable result, and electroplating a special-purpose of the fox is inevitable, the production process, there is no pollution, is the country to encourage the development of the real green industry;

2, a variety of metal surface coatings using the metal coating technology, is also necessary, consciousness because the original plating parts corrosion resistance is poor, easy to rust, exothermic corrosive, easy to change, surface stability of the coating, easy hydrogen embrittlement; The second is because the metal coating technology to overcome these shortcomings, can do more than ten years without rust, Can adapt to the user to go to meet the requirements of export products;

3, for individual requirements of higher parts, such as automobiles, motorcycles, road bridges, aerospace, electrical and electronic requirements of high parts, electroplating technology is not satisfied, can only use the metal coating technology can be resolved, this is electroplating can not be compared.

Dacromet Metal coating technology, is today the world's metal surface treatment of High-tech, has been experts in the fish tail metal surface treatment industry I or can have epoch-making significance of revolutionary products and green engineering.