Development history of Dacromet metal coating technology

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-03-07

Dacromet Metal Coating technology is our industrial production and processing process will be applied to the technical treatment, at the beginning of our metal coating is not so comprehensive, the effect is not ideal, but with the deepening of technology, our technology application of the Rockwell more and more good, The application of Dacromet technology has been recognized by everyone.

Dacromet Metal Coating Development process:

1. The corrosion potential of the coating and composite coating in seawater is negative initially, the corrosion of coating material occurs, especially the surface modification layer of composite coating plays a better role in preventing seawater from entering the coating. With the formation of a stable corrosion product film on the surface of the -0.643v coating, the further corrosion of the coating is gradually inhibited and the stable potential is reached, and the stable potential of the two is the natural corrosion potential of the base metal, respectively, for the -0.632v.

2, the difference of corrosion potential, showing that the zinc-coated layer on the base metal sacrificial anode effect is strong, in seawater, the zinc layer will quickly consume and reduce the protective effect of the coating on the substrate;

3, Rockwell Metal coating is a complex integrated technology system, China in the introduction of this technology, and the matching of the surface of the top coating technology at the same time to introduce, in the impedance spectrum showed corrosion resistance, and tend to stability, the 2nd capacity arc radius is very large, can be approximated to see straight lines, showing the characteristics of impedance, At this time the corrosion reaction mechanism changes.

The above is for you to introduce the development process of the metal coating of the Rockwell, the different technical level of the manufacturers also exist this difference, we need a lot of attention.