Brief analysis of the maintenance method of the metal coating machine of the Rockwell

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Dacromet Metal coating is a kind of high technology, in operation, we have to market for the coating machine to do maintenance, we all know that everything needs to be loved, then in the industrial industry, equipment maintenance and maintenance is very important, below we will understand the environmental protection of metal coating machine maintenance methods.

1, the main motor of the coating machine after 1000 hours of operation, should be added to the gearbox 32nd lubricating oil, every 3000 small replacement of 32nd oil.

2. Each bearing is added once a week with lubricating oil injection hole, lubrication for the use of grease, need to run one months to check once, whether the need to add grease, removable cots also need to check the bearing lubrication status, related sprocket, chain of the transfer of that part did not run 100 hours refueling once, When Loang should not be too much, otherwise easy to run when the excess oil droplets splash pollution paint;

3, the coating machine every 600 hours after the roller bearings must be inspected once, clean oil pollution, to replenish the calcium base grease, the other tension wheel, bridge wheel bearing every 500 hours to check cleaning, and add lubricating oil (grease);

4, the drying of the interior cleaning, running 500 hours after processing once, cleaning the internal residue, dirt, check whether the heating pipe can be normal heating, cleaning up the dirt of the impeller of the fan, cleaning up to be used by the vacuum cleaner to remove the slag dust, and then use compressed air to blow the adsorption residue

5, in order to ensure the cleaning inside the baking road, clean up the use of spent aluminum sheet waste paint over three to four times, in order to bake the dirt in the road with the drying road, so as to avoid normal production when the product is contaminated.

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