Use of Rockwell metal coating technology and application of coating

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In the anti-corrosion activities,Dacromet Metal CoatingProcessing technology is very common in the process of processing, structural parts and fasteners can not be sloppy processing, or will affect the long-term use of products.

About Us metal coating technology processing and application instructions:

The key structural parts and fasteners, if used by the technology of Rockwell Metal coating, are safe, reliable and durable. As a "green electroplating" process, the metal coating foundation of the Luo is closed cycle, so there is little pollution. In the coating, curing, there is no traditional electroplating process in the process of acid, alkali, chromium and other heavy metal sewage problems, resulting in only the evaporation from the coating of water vapor, after the determination, does not contain state-controlled harmful substances.

Storage of the amount of Rockwell coating should not be too much, time should not be too long, this for product quality control and production cost reduction is a certain practical value. Otherwise, it will cause the coating polymerization, gelation, aging, the use of the process of painting should not let the sun directly illuminate the coating, or even scrap. As well as the use of the storage of Rockwell coating is improper, will accelerate the aging of the coating, pay attention to the acid, alkali, phosphate, fluorine silicate, sulfate or organic solvents mixed in the coating.

The above is mainly to introduce the technology of the metal coating, to prevent environmental pollution, to ensure safety and reliability is the focus, but also know that the need to pay attention to the requirements of the oil storage, if you have any doubts about our introduction, you can communicate with us.