Advantage of the anti-corrosion system of the United States introduced

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2017-11-25

Mica Coating Systems offers superior corrosion protection via bimetallic corrosion protection for salt spray resistance.

The United States and Canada's characteristics:

1, in line with the needs of environmental protection, excluding toxic substances such as heavy metals, low VOC, a variety of water-soluble, heavy anti-corrosion system;

2, Lubrication: Painting to provide the friction coefficient to meet customer needs to facilitate automated processing, for the automotive industry standard parts, seatbelt slider;

3, acid and alkali: a special acid and alkali corrosion system, can provide 15-35 cycle of acid mist test, suitable for automotive power distribution, roof and other standard parts of the anti-corrosion demand;

4, oil, solvent: for car fuel tank, brake tubing and other applications;

5, resistant to punching, impact, scratch resistance, abrasion resistance: for car fuel tank, chassis parts, subway accessories;

6, oil-soluble system does not contain benzene, chlorinated solvents and other volatile solvents;

7, water-soluble heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings: water-soluble heavy anti-corrosion system, in line with the development needs of environmentally friendly coatings;

8, low film thickness: low coating thickness (8-15μm), coated area, in line with economic benefits;

9, energy conservation: maturing temperature 180-250 ℃, below dacromet (310-330 ℃), maturation time is short (15-20 minutes), faster than dacro (30-35 minutes), save energy;

10, no hydrogen embrittlement: suitable for heavy-duty high-strength standard parts;

11, good flexibility: good coating flexibility, suitable for coating after lamination.

The above is the anti-corrosion properties of the United States and Canada, would like to know more detailed advice, please call detailed inquiry.