Application of Metal Coating Technology on Electrical Equipment

Edit:Xinxiang Chui Auto Parts Co., Ltd.UpDate:2018-01-03

Metal coating is a new surface treatment technology, using this treatment process, radically reducing the pollution of the environment.

The use of metal coating features:

1, excellent weatherability and chemical stability: the process of salt spray test in 100 hours after corrosion was only one micron corrosion than the traditional galvanized surface corrosion resistance increased by 7-10 times;

2, high heat corrosion: anti-corrosion film curing temperature of about 300 ℃, so the workpiece in a timely manner at high temperatures, the appearance will not change color, heat corrosion is excellent;

3, no hydrogen embrittlement: metal coating to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional zinc plating process of hydrogen embrittlement can be applied to high tensile strength of high-strength parts of the anti-corrosion treatment;

4, good permeability: coating can penetrate into the delicate space, such as the complex geometry of the blind holes, with its treated spring can produce a good corrosion resistant coating, can be used to handle iron and its alloys, light metals and Its alloy metal coating, metal coating process on electrical equipment for steel, cast iron, aluminum alloy and other parts of the surface anti-corrosion treatment.

Metal coating is a new surface treatment technology, with environmental protection, high heat resistance, high corrosion resistance and good permeability, it is widely used, much consumers love.