Refrigeration accessories for the working principle

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Refrigeration compressor is mainly the lower pressure steam compression to higher pressure steam, so that the steam volume decreases, the pressure rise. Compressor suction from the evaporator out of the lower pressure of the working fluid vapor, so that after the pressure rise into the condenser, condensing in the condenser into a higher pressure liquid, trapped by the throttle, into a lower pressure Of the liquid, into the evaporator, the evaporator absorbs heat and evaporates into a lower pressure steam, at the entrance to the compressor to complete the refrigeration cycle.

Evaporator is an important part of refrigeration special accessories. Low temperature condensate gas passes through the evaporator and exchanges heat with air outside to liquefy and absorb heat to achieve the refrigeration effect.

Evaporator by the heating chamber and evaporation chamber composed of two parts. Heating chamber to the liquid to provide heat required for evaporation, to promote liquid boiling vaporization; vaporization chamber so that the gas-liquid two-phase separation. Steam generated in the heating chamber with a large number of liquid foam, to a larger space of the evaporation chamber, these liquids by their own condensation or demister role to be separated from the steam. The demister is usually located on the top of the evaporation chamber.

Evaporator pressure in accordance with the operating pressure is divided into three kinds of pressure and decompression. According to the movement of the solution in the evaporator is divided into:

1, circulating type: boiling solution in the heating chamber repeatedly through the heating surface, such as the central circulation tube, hanging baskets, external heat, column type and forced circulation;

2, one-way type: boiling solution in the heating chamber through the heating chamber once through the heating surface, do not make circulating flow, that is, discharge concentrate;

3, direct contact type: heating medium and solution in direct contact with heat transfer, such as submerged combustion evaporator, evaporation device in the operation process, to consume a large amount of heating steam, in order to save heating steam, multi-effect evaporation device and steam recompression Evaporator. Wuhuan refrigeration shell and tube evaporator is widely used in chemical, light industry, oil and other departments.